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Almaz, the Natural Products For All Pets



Alma Water
 From Ms. C
 I washed my dog with Alma Water. And not only her coat but also
 her skin conditions got better everytime I use it. I put away all
 shampoos I used before.

 From Ms. J
 My dog lives in the living room and I use the toilet sheets for him
 but also use air freshner. But the air freshner didn't work enough.
 The odor was stressful for us and our guest. But Alma Water did
 work more than we expected and we can invite our friends to our

 From Ms. P
 Your products are wonderful!

Alma Dental Starter Kit
 Ms. J
 I'm not a vet but could remove the tartar of my customer's dogs
 very easily with just a towel! This is gel and can cover the tartar
 well. The hard plaque also can be removed by my finger nail.
 Ms. M
 What had I used for long years! You can remove hard plaque easily.
 For my dog, I give natural and safety products that will not give a
 stress to my dog. I usually don't care how much I spent for my dog
 but this can save money! I like it!

 Mr. C
 This is really great! I used similar products before I met this. My
 dog's slightly stained teeth became pure white. This also stopped
 bad odor. I take care of her teeth with the Alma Crystal every day.

Alma 5000(Discontinued Product. Grade up to Alma 1000)
 Ms. C
 I have some poodles and bichon frises at my kennel. I could see
 their coat improvement within 1 week and the coat volumed up in
 3 weeks. Also the coat quality and touch became rich as I expected.
 Also their body balance became better and could run in show rings
 much better than before. You can give this collagen with
 expectation of the effects. Better than medicine.

 Mr. H
 I could see the high effects in 8 out of 10 dogs. 2 has no difference
 from before, but their coat condition got better and ran well at dog

Alma 1000
 Ms. T
 My dog eat this mixed in the food every day. He's 15 years old and
 he looks very painful when he walks. He enjoys walking after 1
 week. His coat looks improved too.

 Ms. L
 I have a kennel and tried Alma 5000 and 1000 with my dogs. Alma 1000 is more effective to their coat
 than Alma 5000 to give their more coat and shining.

 Ms. P at N company (USA health care business field)
 I became interesting in your products.
 I'm looking forward to doing business together from now on.